"Be a Holiday Hipster!"

You simply must attend the ultra cool

Intern Class XXVIII

XXXIIIrd Annual

Holiday Party

(Yes, that's 33 freakin' years!!)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

at Noon

The usual rules will apply for this event:

Contact Ann Richardson
and let her know what dish you'll be
bringing. E-mail her at 

There will be a Gift Exchange. As always, participation
is required for interns and suggested for spouses/guests.
Please limit your gift to about $20.00.

The ever-popular Microbrew Exchange is a favorite tradition!
Join in the fun by bringing a six pack of your favorite cold microbrew
to share and trade with participating interns.
Sponsored by the Intern Class XXVIII Drinking Club.

And continuing a grand Intern tradition...
sANNta will once again promise to bring her zany LCR dice game,
but will forget and leave it home as usual.

The party begins at Noon and runs until the beer runs out.
(Or Ann leaves - whichever is later.)
Please don't be "fashionably late"...we'll need your food for the buffet!

Our hosts will be:

Regina & Jamie Walker
144 Towhee Drive
Lake Frederick, VA 22630
(540) 508-4580

Need a map? Click here.

If you haven't been to a party in a while (or ever),
JOIN US  ...we offer total amnesty!
YOU WILL once again be a topic of conversation.